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Invention 3

Invention 3

The Invention Studio is a scholar-run maker space open to all of Georgia Tech. it’s miles staffed by way of the Prototyping instructors, student volunteers who are handy to educate you and help together with your projects. Use of the studio is free for all college students, school and body of workers of Georgia Tech, regardless of 12 months, important, or previous enjoy.

the invention Studio is unique in that scholars are advocated to “own” the gap. Prototyping teachers, or PIs, lead other college students in the use and protection of the distance, making sure that the resources continue to be available to people who wish to use them. To sell and praise creativity, there are only some strict guidelines within the Invention Studio. instead, we sell an ethic of duty, protection, and network ownership. in this way, students can explore and increase unconventional ideas in a supportive environment

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